With decades of experience in this industry, solution about heavy construction equipment repair kits ERAY Sealing. Komatsu, CAT, Hyundai, Hitachi, Volvo, Doosan, Liebherr, Sumitomo, KATO, Case, Kobelco, Mitsubishi, JCB, OK, Champion, Atlas Copco, Eder, Faun, Fai, Fiatallis, Hidromek, Kawasaki, Lokomo, Mastas, Samsung, ZF brand heavy construction materials Original, OEM and Supplier Industry can be found in stocks or imported according to the demands.



Many models of these brands bucket, arm, boom, transmission, control valve, track adjuster, pedal valve, track and swing engine pump, center joint, gear pump, hydraulic main pump, hydraulic motor, brake, joystick and many more repair kits are offered to our valued customers with either ready, identical with the those of sample matrix or original part numbers or sizes, at reasonable price and high quality policy.

We are at your service with our extensive experience, wide measuring range and sale of NBR, Viton and Silicone O-ring. On the other hand, we are offering to you o-Ring equipment with GIANT quality specially prepared for the Komatsu, CAT, Hyundai, Doosan, Volvo, Sumitomo, Kato, Hitachi and Kobelco machines.



O-ring in each dimension, Quality Solution


Our Product range;


  • - 70 – 90 Shore NBR
  • - FPM, FKM, Viton
  • - Silicone (MVQ)
  • - EPDM, Vulcanized
  • - Teflon (PTFE)
  • - O-rings and O-ring cords for your special dimensions and materials


We are responding to our customers’ needs and demands with our o-ring stocks which have pressure, heat, friction, chemical resistance. All the diameter size range which you may need between 1mm-13 mm wall thickness are available in our company. Our O-rings are in the brand quality of Italian GAP and assurance and all the kinds of technical support is provided.


On the other hand, o-ring orders that you will give in large quantities according to your needs will be covered in a very short period of time. Special sizes o-ring orders are provided in a fast and qualified way with our domestic and overseas working partners.


What your machine needs, GIANT!


Speaking of O-ring kits, leading brand GIANT comes to mind first. GIANT is available in the stocks of our company with repair kits currently available on the market.


Our O-ring kits which define original equipment part numbers prepared individually for Komatsu, Catarpillar, Hyundai, Hitachi, Daewoo, Volvo, Sumitomo, Kato and Kobelco equipment and hosting solutions by including all the measurements in the machine will be the greatest service to you whether in jobsite or in helping you for troubleshoot any fault.


All O-ring kits imported should not be confused with the products made in China which you can easily find in the market.


On the other hand, the general-purpose inch and metric o-ring kits are available. Box S, Box H o-ring kits, as well as kits that include silicone and Viton O-ring. Upon request, specify dimensions and material o-ring kits specially designed for you.

We are offering service to our customers the products of domestic manufacturers such as KASTAŞ, CAYAK, SKT and the products of foreign producers recognised worldwide such as Hallite, NOK, Merkel, Simrit (CFW), Gapi, Sagakami, NDK, Corteco, SKF, YCC, Stefa, NAK, KHB, Würth, Parker, WYS, Meiwa, Polipac.


Our company offers to our valued customers all kinds of solutions sealing machines. Hydraulic seal, Paking, Oil Seal, Dust Seal, Pneumatic Seals and many more items are in our stocks in a wide range of measurement.


In detail;


For Piston Sealing SPGW (T-Seal), SPGO (Piston Buffer), Kompakt Set, SPG, SPGI


For Rod IDI, ISI, IUH, HBTS (Rod Buffer), HBY, HBI


Dust and Grease Sealing DKI, DWI, DWIR, DKBI, DKB, DKH, DSI, LBI ve LBH


For Bedding and Wearing Fiber, Kestamit, Polyamid, Back-up Oring Destekleri


Oil Sealing TC, TB, TCV, TCN, TCK, SC, SB, VC, VB, KC, KB, TC4, TB4, TCJ, OC, ZF,ZT


type seals are supplied by ERAY Sealing Solutions Co.

Bushings and Couplings machines, are perhaps as important as sealing element seals. The basic functions of these components are to convey the force and movement of the machines on ports of these elements on the other hand, is to absorb mechanical vibrations and sudden movements that may occur. These elements seen as a cheap and simple can cause great harm to your machine if they aren’t in good quality and right choice for your machine. For this reason, as ERAY Seals, with decades of experience in the supply of these elements offer our valuable customers high-quality and accurate service. 



Bushings range is as follows;


  • - General Purpose Dry Friction Bushings
  • - Lubricated Bushings
  • - Bi-Metal Bushings
  • - Bronze Bushings





Rotex, Centaflex, YCC, and many more brand Heavy Duty Couplings, GR-type, MT type, SBT type, Flender type, star type, threaded coupling and Lipper are sold within our company.

According to the needs of our customers, special machinery couplings alone HY – NBR or HY – NBR + Aluminium is provided. Please contact us for your needs for all the work of all types of machine coupling between 25 H and 160 H and other couplings.



Fluid sealing elements are alternative sealing solution when other sealing elements or surfaces where adhesion is not available.These sealers are used for different purposes as disassembly, cleaning, fixing, protection, etc. With a lot of different types and application of these elements are offered to our valuable customers with quality and experience of ERAY.


Bolt stabilizer, Liquid Gasket, Rust Remover, Bearing Stabilizer, Radiator Cleaner, Brake – Brake Cleaner Spray, Exhaust Mounting Putty, Pipe Fitting Seal, Engine Block Seal, Gasget Maker, Protective Wax Spray, Gas Crack Detector, Threaded Connection tightness, high-medium and Low Strength Adhesive, Metal Adhesive, Fuel & Radiator Additive HP and a lot more liquid seal, Würth, Loctite and Best brands are served to your sealing solutions with the assurance of quality.